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These dinosaur themed digital and printable letter matching games are a great hands-on tool for your preschool or kindergarten students! You can use them today in a distance learning environment, in a classroom setting, or at home! There are 3 differentiated versions of the game and 3 different games and activities to share with your students. The digital games are a great distance learning tool or to enhance your student's technology use in the classroom!


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3 Differentiated Levels:


Level 1: Students will match lowercase letters to lowercase letters. This is great for your preschool students, beginning kindergarten students, or struggling students who need review of letter identification.


Level 2: Students will match lowercase letters to uppercase letters. Once students have mastered identification of lowercase letters, they can move on to uppercase letter identification and recognition.


Level 3: Students will match lowercase letters to letter sounds by looking at picture clues. This is a great phonemic review tool to use throughout the year!


3 Ways to Play:


Digital Matching Games:

If you want to promote the use of technology with your young students or use for distance learning, this is a no brainer! Simply load the slides onto a Powerpoint app or use Google slides on your student’s tablets. They will practice matching a dinosaur egg to its mother by dragging the egg across the screen. It is a fun, kinesthetic way to review letter identification and sounds. The 3 different versions (as mentioned above) are included!


Matching Game Cards:

These game cards are a great resource to have during centers or station time. Students will match baby dinosaur eggs to the correct mommy dinosaur with these cards. Struggling students may be given a few cards at a time, while advanced students can be given more cards to match. Teachers may also find these cards to be a helpful way to identify specific letters that students are struggling to recognize. Use the cards during table time with small groups of students for reading intervention strategies.


Interactive Notebook Pages:

The game cards are also included in black and white so students can have additional practice. Students can color, match, and glue the dinosaurs into their interactive notebooks. You may even want to use the interactive pages as a reinforcement activity when first introducing letters or for early morning work.

Digital and Print Alphabet & Letter Sound Matching Games-Dinosaurs

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  • This zipped PDF file includes Google links to the digital version.

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