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This ENORMOUS bundle of digital and printable matching games can be used throughout the year with your students! Save 25% off when you purchase this bundle and use these games for morning work, stations or centers, table time, or for early finishers. Each unit is differentiated with 3 versions of the games and includes three ways to play (digital games, matching cards, and interactive notebooks!)


The following 6 phonics units are included:

Alphabet & Beginning Sounds


Short Vowels

Long Vowels

Beginning Blends

Ending Sounds


*Each of the above units includes three differentiated levels of digital matching games, printable matching cards, and interactive notebook pieces.


3 Differentiated Versions:

Each unit includes 3 differentiated versions of the digital and printable games and activities. With this in mind, you can have the same set of cards and the differentiated matching pieces out at the same time and easily distribute to your students depending on what skill you want them to focus on! Please see the links above to each unit to see how each unit is differentiated.


3 Ways to Play:


Digital Matching Games:

Load these digital matching games onto a PPT app or upload them to Google Slides for your student's tablets or computers. This is a great distance learning tool and a fun way to enhance technology use with your students!


Matching Game Cards:

These game cards are a great resource to have during centers or station time, or for those students who tend to finish early! Students will match a themed card with a specific letter or phoneme. Struggling students may be given a few cards at a time, while advanced students can be given more cards to match. Teachers may also find these cards to be a helpful way to identify specific letters or sounds that students are struggling to recognize. Use the cards during table time with small groups of students for reading intervention strategies.


Interactive Notebook Pages:

The game cards are also included in black and white so students can have additional practice. Students can color, match, and glue the matching cards into their interactive notebooks. You may even want to use the interactive pages as a reinforcement activity when first introducing letter/phoneme sounds or for early morning work.


Total Pages



Bundle of Phonics Matching Games - Digital and Print

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