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Google Earth in the Classroom

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Awesome Google Earth Science Lessons at Your Fingertips

In another life I would love to be a wildlife researcher in the field working with plants and animals. Maybe someday when the funds are available and my kids are not in diapers anymore I can participate in a research study? In the meantime, I follow researchers around the world and love to keep up to date with their findings. Lucky for us, Google Earth makes it easy to explore some of the current research being done in the scientific world. Last summer I discovered that Google Earth is now available for Chromebooks. You heard right. Now, students can use their Chromebooks or tablets in the classroom to explore the world through Google Earth! In addition, Google Earth has added a "Voyager" section which includes a lot of great educational information. For example, the "Lions in Mozambique" story shares the current conservation efforts in the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. This amazing story includes an informative video, an interactive map that highlights lion pride territories, and a link to the Wildcam Gorongosa website where students can help identify wildlife in the Gorongosa National Park. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE COPY OF MY COMPANION DISCUSSION QUESTIONS.

These Google Earth voyages are great for a one to one environment but can also easily be done with shared devices as students work together in small groups. The discussion questions I created may be completed as a Google document or they can be printed out and answered by hand. Either way, your students will enjoy learning about these amazing animals and hopefully, will appreciate the efforts being taken to encourage their survival.


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