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Looking for a FUN way to introduce Spanish vocabulary into your classroom? Students will love these digital and printable interactive prerecorded audio books and matching games and YOU will love that these activities are SELF-DIRECTED, self-paced, and easy to use! These activities are perfect for a Spanish immersion classroom, teachers who want to introduce or review Spanish vocabulary, and parents who want to teach Spanish in an easy and effective way. The digital audio books and games are Google Classroom ready or you can easily add the Google slides to your digital classroom! The Spanish activities are so easy to use that even if you do not know Spanish yourself, you will feel confident in introducing it in your classroom!

**This set is part of a GROWING BUNDLE. You can save some $$ when you buy the bundle rather than each set separately. CLICK HERE for the bundle!**


Set 2 Includes:

-10 Digital Google Slide Spanish - English prerecorded audio books & games

-10 Color Spanish - English prerecorded audio books with QR codes

-10 Black and White Spanish - English prerecorded audio books with QR codes

-10 Matching Games to reinforce vocabulary


*That's over 100 Spanish - English vocabulary words for student word banks!

Level 1 Book Topics:
Mascotas (pets)
Familia (family)
Desayuno (breakfast)
Almuerzo (lunch)
Cena (dinner)
Colores (colors)
En la escuela (at school)
Formas (shapes)
Partes del cuerpo (body parts)
Ropa (clothes)


When to Use These Activities:
The great thing about the books and matching games is that you do not have to speak Spanish fluently to use these with your students. Simply hand your student a tablet with a QR code scanner and one of the Spanish - English books or matching games! You can also load all the digital books and games to student devices or put them in your Google Classroom or other digital classroom for students to complete. These are a great tool for distance learning or remote teaching as well.


Students can use these during stations or center rotations in your classroom to practice learning Spanish (or English if you have bilingual or ELL students!) Recordings include the Spanish and English vocabulary words to help teachers with Spanish immersion classrooms too!

These activities are also great for early finishers who need something easy to go to when they finish other classwork! You will love that you can leave these activities in a bin and send your students to them without having to prep anything!

Spanish Books and Games with Audio-Digital and Print- Set 1

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
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