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Ain't Nobody Got Time to Graph! This Google Classroom resource is a great way to introduce graphing to your students in an easy step-by-step process! This product includes two of my graphing products bundled together for a 13% discount off the total price! In this interactive Google Classroom resource, students will learn about four types of graphs (bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts and scatter plots) as well as when to use each type of graph and how to create each type of graph using Google Sheets. Each slide includes an interactive portion for the student to complete with notes, videos, or examples that can be referenced in the future. This resource is customizable and can be saved by the student or additional practice problems can be added to reinforce graphing techniques. These interactive slides are a fabulous way to introduce graphing or prepare for standardized testing. This resource is also great for remote or distance learning!


These interactive slides include:


-A TedEd lesson about misleading graphs and the importance of being able to read/create graphs

-Descriptions and examples of bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs and scatter plots

-Explanations of what type of data is best represented by each type of graph

-Student writing responses to graphing questions

-Video tutorials with step-by-step instructions for graphing in Google Sheets

-Graph and data matching activities

-Practice graphing problems for bar graphs

-Practice graphing problems for line graphs

-Practice graphing problems for pie charts

-Practice graphing problems for scatter plots

-Additional graphing practice problems (students are given data to interpret and create the correct type of graph)

-Answer Keys




This product includes a teacher version, which includes all the answer keys, and a student version of the interactive slides.


In this lesson, students will:

-Learn the importance of being able to read graphs correctly and represent data accurately

-Learn how to interpret data and identify trends by reading graphs

-Identify independent/dependent variables in graphs

-Learn the difference between bar graphs, line graphs, scatter plots and pie charts

-Demonstrate an understanding of what kind of graph should be used with different types of data

-Practice creating bar graphs, line graphs, scatter plots, and pie charts in Google Sheets

-Practice reading data and identifying which graph should be used to represent the data

-Practice reading data, identifying which graph should be used to represent the data, and creating the appropriate graph in Google Sheets



NGSS Practices:


-Analyzing and Interpreting Data

-Using Mathematics & Computational Thinking

-Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information


*Your students will need a Google Drive account and internet access to use this resource.

Intro to Graphing Interactive Google Slides - Bundle

$7.00 Regular Price
$5.60Sale Price
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