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This digital resource is a perfect way to incorporate technology and peer interaction as students learn about cells and organelles. These interactive slides include videos, links to games, organelle identification labeling (includes answer key), a virtual lab, writing responses, a customizable quiz that can be graded automatically (includes answer key) and lesson plan/outlines for the slides. This resource is also great for remote or distance learning!


In these slides, students will:

-Learn about the history of the cell theory and its importance

-Compare similarities and differences in plant and animal cells

-Compare prokaryotic cells to eukaryotic cells

-Learn about the various organelles and their functions

-Learn about the parts and functions of a compound light microscope

-Learn how to properly use a compound light microscope

-Learn about Gram staining and oil immersion


Your students will need an internet connection and a Google Drive account in order to access this resource.

Intro to Cells Interactive Google Slides

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