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Looking for a FUN way to introduce Spanish vocabulary into your classroom? Students will love these interactive prerecorded audio books and matching games and YOU will love that these activities are self-directed, self-paced, and easy to use! These books are perfect for a Spanish immersion classroom, teachers who want to introduce or review Spanish vocabulary, and parents who want to teach Spanish in an easy and effective way. These Spanish activities are so easy to use that even if you do not know Spanish yourself, you will feel confident in introducing it in your classroom!

Each Level Includes:
-10 Color Spanish - English prerecorded audio books with QR codes
-10 Black and White Spanish - English prerecorded audio books with QR codes
-10 Matching Games to reinforce vocabulary

*That's over 100 Spanish - English vocabulary words for student word banks!

Level 1 Book Topics:
Mascotas (pets)
Familia (family)
Desayuno (breakfast)
Almuerzo (lunch)
Cena (dinner)
Colores (colors)
En la escuela (at school)
Formas (shapes)
Partes del cuerpo (body parts)
Ropa (clothes)


Level 2 Book Topics:


Days of the week

Wild animals

Months of Year




Around the House


Things Outside

*(Coming 5/20/21)


Level 3 Book Topics:

(Present tense yo verbs)

I see...

I have...

I want...

I am...

I play...

I can...

I go...

I like...

I feel...

I know...

*(Coming 7/20/21)


Level 4 Book Topics:

(Present tense verb conjugations)

he verbs

she verbs

you (informal) verbs

you (formal verbs)

you all verbs

we verbs

they verbs

All forms

All forms

All forms

*These will be written in story format to increase listening comprehension and fluency!

*(Coming 8/20/21)

Growing Bundle Spanish-English Books & Games Levels 1-4

$35.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
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