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**Growing Bundle of 43 Bible story readers and activities! Bundle will be complete by 11/21**


*FREE SAMPLE-CLICK HERE!* Deepen your student's understanding and love for the Bible with these digital and print Bible story readers and activities! The readers are designed for young readers and include vocabulary words and challenge words to help students develop their reading skills. Each story includes several activities that can be used during center or station rotations, with small groups, whole class discussion time, or at home! I created each story in a variety of print and digital formats so you can use them however you want to in your classroom, with distance learning, or at home!


Formats included:

Google slides


Easel by TPT

Print version in color

Print version in bw


Stories included:


-The Garden of Eden

-Noah's Ark

-Abraham and Sarah

-Jacob and Esau

-Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors

-God Has a Plan for Joseph

-Joseph Chooses to Forgive

-The Birth of Moses

-The Ten Plagues

-The Ten Commandments

-Joshua and the Battle of Jericho (Coming 9/21)

-Ruth and Naomi (Coming 9/21)

-Gideon (Coming 9/21)

-David and Goliath (Coming 9/21)

-David and King Saul (Coming 9/21)

-Elijah and the Prophets of Baal (Coming 9/21)

-Daniel and the Lions (Coming 9/21)

-Esther (Coming 9/21)

-Job (Coming 9/21)

-The Nativity (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus in the Temple (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus is Baptized (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus Turns Water into Wine (Coming 10/21)

-Fisher of Men (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus Heals the Blind Man (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus Calms the Storm (Coming 10/21)

-Jesus Walks on Water (Coming 10/21)

-Zacchaeus (Coming 11/21)

-The Death and Resurrection of Lazarus (Coming 11/21)

-Jesus is the Good Shepherd (Coming 11/21)

-Jesus Heals Many (Coming 11/21)

-The Good Samaritan (Coming 11/21)

-The Lost Coin (Coming 11/21)

-The Prodigal Son (Coming 11/21)

-Jesus Dies on the Cross (Coming 11/21)

-Resurrection of Jesus (Coming 11/21)

-Peter's Travels (Coming 11/21)

-Saul Becomes Paul (Coming 11/21)

-Paul and Silas (Coming 11/21)


Activities included:

-Journaling pages

-Coloring pages with memory verses

-Coloring pages with lines to write verses

-Discussion starters (Questions and scenarios to engage your students in critical thinking as they apply Biblical principles to their lives.)

-Story sequencing cards

-Digital interactive activities such as puzzles, unscrambling, digital stickers, mystery messages etc.

GROWING BUNDLE-Bible Story Readers and Activities- Digital and Print

$80.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price
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