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Want to surprise your students with a critical-thinking lab that they will never forget? Try this glow-stick lab and show students how and why scientists support their claims with experimental data! This activity incorporates Next Generation Science Standard MS-PS3-5 and the practice of engaging in argumentation from evidence (CER- claim, evidence, and reasoning). Students will make predictions, follow a procedure, collect data, draw a model of their reaction, and support their claim using evidence from their glow-stick lab.


*A Google Slides version as well as a printable version are included!


-Teacher resources include a “how-to” incorporate NGSS practice (MS-PS3-5) into this activity, presentation slides with NGSS claim and an engaging video to use in class, project outline and instructions, and helpful tips.


-Student worksheets ask students to make predictions, follow a written procedure, collect data in a data table, draw a representation of what is occurring during their experiment, and support a claim using evidence from their experiment.


*You will need a Google account to open the presentation slides that accompany this activity.

Glow-Stick Kinetic Energy- CER and NGSS Practices

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