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Ready for some change in your Biology class? These interactive Google slides and a project based learning experience will give your students some background knowledge and real life examples of evolutionary adaptations! First, students will learn about current trends with various animal populations and apply evolutionary principles to their observations. Next, students will get to investigate giraffe neck lengths (as a favorable adaptation) and practice graphing and analyzing data. Then students will use Google Earth to learn about the critically endangered hawksbill turtle and explore nesting grounds. Lastly, students will research a human impact on hawksbill turtles, design a solution, develop a model, ask questions, receive feedback and revise their design using the engineering process. This resource is great for distance learning, homeschool parents, or digital classroom environments (Google Classroom compatible!)


Here's the breakdown of what's included:

-4 interactive student slides that provide current animal population trends and apply evolutionary principles


-giraffe neck investigation activity that includes mathematical computational skills, a graphing activity, and analysis of the data to correlate giraffe neck lengths with environmental conditions (teacher version included with answer key)


-teacher slides with answer keys for presentation


-hawksbill turtle project based learning experience (instructions, links, rubric, extension activity)


-teacher outline/lesson plans/NGSS incorporation


*BEFORE PURCHASING: This activity is included in my BIG Biology bundle of digital activities for the year. Save some moola and check out the bundle here:

Biology Bundle of Digital Activities


Next Generation Science Standards:







NGSS Practices:

-Asking questions & defining problems

-Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

-Developing & using models

-Using mathematics & computational thinking

-Planning & carrying out investigations

-Constructing explanations & designing solutions

Evolution Unit with Digital Google Activities and Project

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