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These fabulous digital Chemistry activities are intended to help the teacher during transitions in class while providing students with relevant Chemistry topics that will reinforce what they are learning in class! Some of the unique activities include using emojis in chemical equations and math computation, creating memes, videos, creating Instagram posts, online games, drawings, peer activities, creating Facebook posts, adding word bubbles to famous scientists, creating comic strips and SO MUCH MORE! These activities are also great for remote or distance learning! A full year of topics is included with 3 engagement activities per week. The following topics are covered:

States of Matter

Classifying Matter

Chemical & Physical Properties

Chemical & Physical Changes

Measuring Matter

Kinetic Molecular Theory

Behavior of Gases

Gas Laws

Atomic Theory

Parts of an Atom

Electron Arrangement

Quantum Mechanics


Electron Configuration

Early Periodic Table

The Periodic Table Today

Periodic Trends

Metallic Bonds


Ionic Bonds

Covalent Bonds

Lewis Structures

Molecular Geometry

Chemical Formulas

Chemical Nomenclature

Chemical Reactions

Balancing Equations

Moles & Molar Mass


Acids & Bases

Acid & Base Reactions




Nuclear Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


*You will need a Google account to access these files.

Digital Chemistry Bell-Ringers for the Year

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