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Running low on glucose? Save some energy and try these digital interactive activities on biomolecules! Students will complete a variety of activities including matching, labeling, sorting, building models of molecular structures, watching videos and responding to questions, and playing with simulations. PLUS I have included a SELF-GRADING TEST. These slides are ready to go for your Google Classroom or distance learning environment today! (Includes lesson plans and answer keys)


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Next Generation Science Standards:

HS-LS1-1  Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the structure of DNA determines the structure of proteins which carry out the essential functions of life through systems of specialized cells.

HS-LS1-6  Construct and revise an explanation based on evidence for how carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from sugar molecules may combine with other elements to form amino acids and/or other large carbon-based molecules.


NGSS Practices:

-Developing & using models

-Analyzing & interpreting data

-Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

Biomolecules Digital Activities - Google Compatible

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  • This PDF file contains Google links.

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