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Science + Me= Chemistry

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I love chemistry. The science puns, the explosions, the color changing reactions...there are so many fun experiments and demonstrations that can be done! But my students always seem to struggle with some of the abstract concepts like balancing chemical equations. I wanted to make something for my students that would be engaging and yet allow for different student paces. The interactive Google slides I made for this concept were a hit with my middle school science class so I knew I had to share this product with you!

First, I started off the topic of chemical equations by doing a fun little demonstration with magnesium ribbon (as seen above). My students love the reaction and the chemical equation is super simple! (Note: If you do this demo just make sure your students do not look directly at the burning ribbon because the brightness can hurt their eyes!) This demo was also an easy way to transition from the topic of chemical changes to chemical equations. I asked my students to make a claim as to whether the burning magnesium ribbon was a physical or chemical change and then support their claim with observable evidence. Then we looked at the chemical equation and I reviewed with the students how to read the subscripts in a chemical formula. After counting the number of atoms on either side of the equation, my students quickly saw that the equation was unbalanced. I briefly showed them how to add a coefficient to either side of the equation and then introduced the topic of chemical equations using the Chemical Equations Interactive Google Slides (as seen below).

These slides were so easy to use and my students loved that there was something for them to do on each slide. The slides also keep all their notes and work in one place so they can easily review for their upcoming tests. In addition, the slides keep all my favorite videos, online simulations, and other links in one place for future years! Having all my teaching resources in the lesson has kept me from having to search through past playlists or bookmarks and I do not have to open multiple tabs on my computer when prepping or teaching.

I allowed the students to work in small group to complete the first several slides together and I walked around and guided the students when they needed me. It was so exciting to see some of my more advanced students working through some of the challenge problems in the slides and then lead their peers through them!

During this interactive lesson, students will:

-Learn that a chemical reaction demonstrates the ratio of reactants to products -Recognize the difference between reactants and products -Learn how to read a chemical equation -Differentiate between coefficients and subscripts in an equation -Practice counting the number of atoms represented in a chemical equation -Determine if a chemical equation is balanced -Practice balancing chemical equations -Complete extra review problems or challenge problems for differentiated learning

What's included in this lesson?

-Writing responses for students to complete -Detailed descriptions and instructions for reading chemical equations and identifying reactants/products -Instructions and practice problems for counting the number of atoms present in a chemical reaction -Video with step-by-step instructions for balancing equations -Online chemical equation balancing game -Practice problems for balancing chemical equations -2 quizzes for student assessment -Separate student and teacher versions of the lesson

-Answer keys

If this seems like something that might help you during your next Chemistry lesson, please swing by my store and check it out! Click here to see more details


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