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Crystal Landscape STEAM Activity

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These beautiful crystal creations will wow your students!

Crystal projects with students that incorporate STEM and STEAM practices.
Crystal landscapes are a fun and easy way to incorporate some STEAM practices!

You have probably heard of STEM activities, but STEAM is a more recent trend in the educational community which incorporates "art" into the science, technology, engineering, and math practices found in STEM activities. If you think about it, art has always been an important aspect of science. Scientific drawings, sketches, photos, and even digital designs have an artistic component to them that have helped communicate important details to others. The art aspect of STEAM allows students to celebrate the beauty of the world around them...and if you are a believer like recognize the artistry of a masterful Creator!

STEAM crystal activity for middle school students
This student tried to create Sponge-Bob with their substrates!

In this activity, students will learn about what crystals are, how they form, their structure, and that crystals grow on substrates. Then students will design a crystal landscape with various substrate materials for their crystals to grow on over the course of a couple days. The students will make observations, considering which substrates produced the largest crystals.

This activity includes a teacher resource page with video links, instructions, project outline, helpful tips as well as the student worksheet! Try using this activity during the first couple weeks of school to pique your student's interest! Click here to check it out!


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