Chemistry Bell-Ringers/Exit Slips for the Year!

A fun way to engage students in specific Chemistry topics with relevant student interests!

Students will love reviewing Chemistry concepts with these relevant activities.
Emojis, memes, Instagram, Facebook, comic strips...tons of fun activities!

Like many teachers I have very little transition time between classes to set-up lab equipment, clean-up, take attendance....and heaven forbid I have to use the restroom! Bell-ringers and exit slips are a popular way teachers can transition from one period to the next while students are working on something. But so many bell-ringers are too general and easily forgettable. I knew that if I were going to use bell-ringers I didn't want them to feel like busy work. I wanted bell-ringers that would review specific Chemistry concepts but in a format that was fun for my students AND the activities had to be something the students could complete with minimal teacher instruction.

Digital Chemistry engagement activities will keep students on task while teachers transition!
There are 3 digital activities per concept for students to complete!

Thus, the digital Chemistry bell-ringers were born! These activities have students using emojis, creating memes, videos, creating Instagram posts, online games, drawings, peer activities, creating Facebook posts, adding word bubbles to famous scientists, creating comic strips and SO MUCH MORE! I included the most common Chemistry topics covered during the school year and made three activities for each concept.

Full year of Chemistry bell-ringers, exit slips, or review activities in a digital format
Chemistry activities that engage students and review important information!

The following topics are included: States of Matter, Classifying Matter, Chemical & Physical Properties, Chemical & Physical Changes, Measuring Matter, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Behavior of Gases, Gas Laws, Atomic Theory, Parts of an Atom, Electron Arrangement, Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Electron Configuration, Early Periodic Table, The Periodic Table Today, Periodic Trends, Metallic Bonds Ions, Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, Lewis Structures, Molecular Geometry, Chemical Formulas, Chemical Nomenclature, Chemical Reactions, Balancing Equations, Moles & Molar Mass, Stoichiometry, Acids & Bases, Acid & Base Reactions, Solutions, Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Another benefit to these digital activities is that they are all completely editable so you can customize the slides to your preferences if you would like! Save yourself some time and hassle during transitions and check out these activities here!