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30 Bible Story Readers and Digital Activities - FREE Sample!

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I began my teaching career at a Christian school and while I loved being able to teach Bible stories to my students, I was always looking for ways to incorporate our "Bible time" throughout the day. I did not want my students to separate Bible stories from their everyday lives.

Fast forward years later, and I find myself with the same concern for my own children. As I tackled #homeschooling with my young readers, I found myself wanting to encourage my children to read the Bible for themselves. But even with children's Bibles I felt like my kids were not getting some of the details I wanted them to catch from the stories. I really wanted my kids to fall in love with Scripture and with the truths found in the Bible. That is what led me to create these Bible story readers and activities.

The Bible readers that I made are a great size for little hands and they include a few surprises! Each story includes some Biblical vocabulary words, challenge words, a Bible truth, and a cute little ladybug hiding somewhere in the story.

I love being able to incorporate some new vocabulary terms with my kids as we read through these books-because let's face it-there are a LOT of Bible vocabulary words to get through! These Bible story readers would be great for elementary students.

As a #teachermom I also wanted to give my kids some writing practice and a chance to begin the discipline of journaling, so I created some journaling sheets and Bible verse worksheets too. I love the draw and write journaling pages because it encourages students to think about what they've read and create personal application to the Bible story.

There are also Bible sequencing cards that can be used as a center (if you are in a classroom setting) or a follow-up activity after reading the Bible story. My boys always love doing these!

Each Bible story reader also includes 4 Discussion Starter cards. I thought these would be great to use in a classroom setting during center time or even together during a whole class discussion time. In a homeschool setting, these are great to use as an opportunity to talk about Biblical truths and real-life scenarios with your kids. It's a great way to open up a dialogue about your faith with your kids! It also gives our children an opportunity to think critically and begin to take ownership for their own faith in God.

To make the printable books last longer, I laminated and hole punched the corner of the book. Then I added a binder ring to the corner.

I have a bunch of these storage bags to put my classroom readers in and I LOVE THEM! They are mesh so you can quickly see which reader is in there and you can keep all the activity pieces together in one spot!

Since flexible teaching is the new normal, I wanted to create a digital version as well. Each story was also created in Google slides and can be used in a variety of digital classrooms such as #GoogleClassroom, or #Schoology, or #Canvas. There are movable pieces so students can interact with the story digitally as well! Check out the video below to see how I would use these in a digital setting!


If you want a closer peek at these digital and print Bible stories, check out a FREE sample by clicking below!

Get the FULL Bundle of 30 Readers and Activities:


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