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Deck the Halls with Data Tables! Are your students over the top excited about Christmas yet? These Christmas themed interactive digital slides are an easy way for you to introduce data collection and data table creation.  Students will enjoy collecting Christmas data and participating in a Christmas crystal ornament experiment!  This product includes 32 slides of interactive components including a teacher version with answer keys.

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Christmas Science!
Ain't Nobody Got Time to Graph

Looking for a way to teach your students how to read and create graphs?  In this interactive Google Classroom resource, students will learn about four types of graphs (bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts and scatter plots) as well as when to use each type of graph and how to create each type of graph using Google Sheets. This product includes 58 slides of interactive graphing components with step-by-step instructions, examples, and practice problems.  Each slide includes an interactive portion for the student to complete with notes, videos, or examples that can be referenced in the future. This resource is customizable and can be saved by the student or additional practice problems can be added to reinforce graphing techniques. These interactive slides are a fabulous way to introduce graphing or prepare for standardized testing. A teacher version is included with answer keys.

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how to graph
Student graphing lesso
StudentGraphing activity
The Birds and the Bees...About Plants

This Google Classroom resource is a perfect way to incorporate technology and peer interaction as students learn about the birds and the bees....of plants. The product includes 32 interactive slides with videos, a matching activity of vegetative propagation, writing responses, interactive questions for group/peer discussions, an interactive online poll, plant labeling activity, make your own plant activity, a group/peer research project (scoring rubric included), a customizable quiz that can be graded automatically (includes answer key) and lesson plan/outlines for the slides. 

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plant reproduction lesson
Plant reproduction activity
plant reproduction high school lesson

Looking to save time & integrate technology in your classroom?

Interactive Slides
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